Input Section

Input connector

1/4" jack

Input impedance

1 Mohm / 100 pF

Gain range

-96 to 32dB

Tone control


Center Freq: 280Hz (range: 71-1120Hz, Gain: +15/-24dB)

Low Mid

Center Freq: 400Hz (range: 100-1600Hz, Gain: +15/-24dB)

High Mid

Center Freq: 800Hz (range: 200-3150Hz, Gain: +15/-24dB)


Center Freq: 1600Hz (range: 400-6300Hz, Gain: +12/-24dB)

Tube Tone

0 to12, Tube amp Recreation

Spectra Comp

3 band Spectral Compression

Preset Level

-12 dB to 0 gain attenuation

User Memories

3 memory locations storing all front panel controls except Mute & Master Level


Tuning range

Chromatic, constant on A0 (27.50Hz) to E5 (659.26Hz)


Mutes speaker out, Phones out and Balanced out

Master Level Headphone Output

Studio quality headphone amp


40 to 600 Ohm

Mains supply

Universal 100 - 240V 50/60Hz (85w @ 1/8 Power)

Speaker out

Combined Speakon / 1/4" jack

Power module rating

450W (800W inst. Peak @ min. Load) TCE Power rating and Active Power Management

Balanced output

Transformer Balanced XLR, Pre/Post Pre-amp

Max. Output


Optimal Load Impedance

600 Ohm

Preamp out

1/4" Jack, Balanced Output, Max Output Level = +8dBu

Power amp in

1/4" Jack, balanced input, impedance = 10 kOhm, Max Input Level = +8dBu

Rehearsal input

RCA, Left/Right input, fits to iPod ®

Digital Recording out

Balanced XLR, AES/EBU, (24-bit)

Remote connection

5 pin DIN, Cable with shield


275 x 290 x 66 mm / 10,8" x 11,4" x 2,6"


4kg / 8.8 pounds


Sandblasted die-cast aluminum

Due to continuous development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.