Input Section

Input connector

1/4" jack

Input impedance

1 MOhm / 100 pF

Gain range

-96 to 36dB

Tone control


Center Freq: 100Hz (Gain: +15/-24dB)

Low Mid

Center Freq: 335Hz (Gain: +15/-24dB)

High Mid

Center Freq: 900Hz (Gain: +15/-24dB)


Center Freq: 1600Hz @ Gain: -24 to 0dB; 4000Hz @ Gain 0 to +15dB

Tweeter Tone

0 to 10, L-PAD Cabinet Recreation

Tube Tone

0 to 10, Tube amp Recreation

Spectra Comp

3 band Spectral Compression

User Memories

3 memory locations storing all front panel controls except Mute & Master Level


Bass Tuner, "On" when muted

Tuning range

B0 (30.87Hz) to G4 (392.00Hz)


Mutes speaker out, Phones out and Balanced out

Master Level / Headphones Output

Studio quality headphone amp

HP Out Impedance

40 to 600 Ohm

Mains supply

100 - 120V~ or 220 - 240V~ 50/60Hz (65W @ 1/8 of Max. Output)

Power module rating

500W (1000W inst. Peak @ min. Load) TCE Power rating and Active Power Management

Speaker output

Neutrik Speakon™

Balanced output

Balanced XLR, Pre/Post Pre-amp

Bal. Out Max.


Bal. Out Optimal Load Impedance

600 Ohm

Rehearsal input

RCA, Left/Right input, fits to iPod ®


462 x 135 x 380 mm / 18.7" x 5.4" x 15.0"


13 kg / 29 pounds


Tolex covered. Handcrafted wooden box