• M-One XL


    M-One XL Software Windows - Version 2.09 - 160 KB
    Released: Thursday, January 1, 2004
    + Update Instructions - Update Instructions

    The M-One XL software upgrade can only be performed using a PC running Windows. The upgrade installer has been successfully tested with Midiman USB Midisport 1x1 and 2x2, Midiman Uno, Steinberg USB2, Creative Soundblaster PCI-128, Oxygen 8, Terratec EWS88, and MPU-401 compatible soundcards.

    Some MIDI interfaces including products from MOTU have exhibited mixed results. Edirol UM-1, Edirol UM1S, Creamware Luna II (built-in), Emagic MT4, Emagic Unitor8, Steinberg MIDEX3 and MIDEX-8 does not work. If you have any problems upgrading, please contact your dealer or TC Support.


    • M-One XL
    • PC running Windows
    • MIDI interface (preferably one of the interfaces mentioned in the disclaimer)
    • MIDI cable



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