John Petrucci HyperGravity Compressor TonePrints

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Dream Tones

Six-string shredder and legendary tone chaser, John Petrucci has created two new compression TonePrints for our HyperGravity Compressor. Designed to give you clarity while playing clean chords, and endless sustain when soloing, these tones combined with Petrucci's already impressive catalogue of TonePrints, is sure to see your tone ride on the backs of angels towards total tonal awesomeness!

On top of that we're giving away a HyperGravity Compressor and Dreamscape signed by John Petrucci to one lucky winner. Just sign up via the form below to be in the draw.

Contest has ended - Winner is Pablo Lopez

The TonePrints

John Petrucci uses his "Aurora" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay

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