Pretty Gritty TonePrint by Divinity Roxx

Divinity Roxx's Vortex Flanger TonePrint is literally 'Pretty Gritty'. By switching to a triangular LFO curve, Roxx's tone became more aggressive and gritty on the bottom but maintained a pretty little flicker on top, almost like a DJ scratching a record. This tone will really spring to life with the addition of a fuzz before the flanger pedal.


サウンド・サンプル by Uriah Duffy


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Divinity Roxx TonePrint Flanger

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TC: Is the Vortex Flanger ever something you have tried before? DR: No, it’s not but we have been experimenting with some really crazy sounds so I think it might work.

TC: Do different sounds inspire you? DR: That’s the cool thing about messing around with sounds. The sound inspires you to do something cool and helps you write. Even when you’re going through a bunch of tones when you’re making beats and you’re going through keyboard sounds. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to do or what you’re going to play but you pull up a sound and it inspires something really cool to come out and you just throw a beat on top and you’ve got a song.

TC: When you write do you use drum machines or real drummers? DR: A little bit of both. A lot of times in the beginning when it´s brand new I´ll use a drum machine, so I just get the basic beat or program a drum into ProTools or Logic or something to go along with what´s happening, and then afterwards we would bring in another drummer. But when we have a lot of 808´s and heavy hip hop sounds then we will have both. I like to do that a lot.

TC: Since you come from a hip hop/rap background do you like to mix those two things together? DR: Definitely. And being a player you like to have real music and real musicians playing, but some sounds you can´t get out of the drums. You´ve got to add that electronically. Especially that BOOOOM! The real low end, you have to have that.

TC: How would you describe this kind of sound? DR: It is literally pretty gritty because on the bottom end you have got the grit or growling tone but on top you have this little pretty thing happening. I like the dichotomy of this.

TC: What would you use this sound for? DR: I can see it as an intro. Something real ambient and then having all these fills or drums.

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