Bass Nostalgia TonePrint by Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Bass Nostalgia is a vibrant and unique tone that is evocative of bass from Justin's favorite records of the late 70s to the early 80s. It is a fundamental tone yet with a subtle sophistication, which in the end allows it to be a very usable tone.


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Justin Meldal-Johnsen Bass Nostalgia TonePrint

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TC: How do you use effects in your work? JMJ: I am a sound design effects freak, to put it mildly. And so a lot of the time what I’ll do is, in my studio, I will have interfaces that allow me to run pedals through the patch base and then use them as effects all the time.

TC: Do you use a lot of effects on bass? JMJ: For me, I generally don’t use tons of effects on bass because I am always worried about it sucking away the low-end, for instance.

TC: What kind of tone are you looking to create? JMJ: I am interested in creating a sound that retains a nice fundamental tone. Then we can experiment with some aspects of the chorus that might be intriguing and not so standard. Maybe making something that goes beyond where people normally hear a chorus pedal. Something that is more interesting.

TC: How has this tone turned out for you? JMJ: It reminds me of my old TC Chorus. It is definitely a bigger sound, on the bass side of things, if I back that down a little bit. However, I still have that really sophisticated movement going on. Again, it’s nothing particularly insane because I wanted to make this sound useful but it’s got some interesting things going on.

TC: Can you give us a recap of what you did to create your unique tone? JMJ: In that sound you hear a lot of sophisticated modulation going on so what we have done is found an LFO that does some interesting movement over time so it still sounds vibrant and unique.

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