Clean Chorus TonePrint by John 5

John 5’s first instinct was to create an intense, delirious tone for the Corona Chorus TonePrint and that turned out great, leaving us with the Warble Chorus. Nonetheless, he also wanted to make a more pure, nice subtle tone using the Corona Chorus and managing to dial that in, we ended up with the Clean Chorus, also to be used in Rob Zombie songs.


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John 5 creates his "Clean Chorus" TonePrint for the Corona Chorus

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TC: How are you John, what have you been up to? John 5: Hello. I’m scoring the Rob Zombie film Lords of Salem and also working on a record, just keeping busy, lots of stuff to do. I have a solo album as well and it’s called ”God Told Me To” and it should be out in a couple of months. There’s singles out online right now and there’s a dvd that goes with the cd.

TC: Tell us a little bit about the way you play. You play a lot of other different styles! What did you start up by playing? John 5: It’s funny cause in the beginning I wanted to be a session musician so I just wanted to play on records. I didn’t ever fathom being a rock star or anything like that. I just wanted to be a session musician but I understood that I had to know all these different styles of music really well so I always studied every kind of music. And it’s also very interesting to me to hear all these different styles, cause I like variety and I think the listener does as well. If you like guitar you can listen to any kind of nice guitar.

TC: And you started with… ? John 5: Rock, man, for sure. I was really interested in country at first because I saw this little gig, I was six or seven and a guy was playing banjo and I was like ”Oh my God, this thing is so great!”. But then I saw Van Halen and that was it! Everything was Kiss and Van Halen and all that stuff. I like rock and all that shreddy stuff the most. That’s what I grew up on. But I like learning everything, every kind of style of music cause everything is really different. Western swing is so different from shredding rock stuff, it’s like learning a new language or learning a new craft.

TC: So do you get to play some of these styles with rock? John 5: Not really, just a little bit. But that’s mainly why I do my instrumental records, There’s no rules whatsoever. I’ll put on a complete bluegrass song next to like a crazy, crazy speed metal song and I think that is one of the reasons people enjoy my records. I think the listener enjoys that as well. I’ve done five solo albums so far and I’m working on my sixth and I think I need to do something different now, incorporating all these styles so I did this half acoustic record, a really cool one. It’s a different kind of sound.

TC: What are your plans for the creation of this TonePrint? John 5: Well, I’m going to put my sound in the Corona Chorus pedal. This is a sound that I would use live with Rob Zombie. I don’t use a lot of effects live. The reason why is – true story – when I was playing Marilyn Manson somebody was saying ”Oh, what do you think of John 5?” ”Oh, he’s all effects”. And I thought ”Oh that sucks cause I’m so not like that”. So just because of that guy’s comment I hardly ever use effects cause I like to do everything with my hands. I don’t even have a whammy bar. But the effects I do use, are Chorus, Overdrive and of course, distortion. But basically I just do it barebone and simple.

TC: When you do use effects like Chorus for example, do you typically go for something more subtle or just more extreme? John 5: I usually go for something way more extreme to mimic a keyboard or to mimic a theremin, something like that. So I like choruses with a lot of depth and a lot of speed. I can get that real warble type of sound.

TC: That kinda has a cool, creepy sound to it, sounds a little like a theremin. John 5: That’s cool because the modulation goes up almost a half-step so you get that aura kind of like you’re still in tune.

TC: So you also mentioned that you wanted to get a more extreme chorus sound something that you couldn’t get from a lot of other pedals cause they just don’t allow you to go that far . I think we’ve managed to do that.

John 5: Yeah, it sounds awesome. And as I’ve said before, I like to emulate the sound of a keyboard, or a theremin to make a creepy sound. I think it works perfect. A lot of choruses don’t go that far and this one is still in tune. And it has a nice warble. TC: Yes, and with a bit of distortion it gets that creepy feel. John 5: It gives a nice warble sound, hence the name: Warble Chorus.

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