Dirty Pop Wrecker Chorus TonePrint by Henrik Linder

The Dirty Pop Wrecker Chorus works to give a lush sound for bass chords and slap-bass as well.


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Henrik Linder creates a TonePrint for TC Electronic's Corona Chorus

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The Dirty Pop Wrecker Chorus is Henrik Linder’s take on a Dirty Loops-version of the Corona Chorus pedal. Basically a tri-chorus, a really lush-sounding chorus, fairly bright, there is no treble cut off here, so the tone knob is almost disabled completely. Tri-chorus is like having 3 chorus pedals working together for a really lush-sounding chorus. We asked Henrik what he would use his TonePrint for. Henrik revealed this much: For chords on the bass, and also I could use it for if I want to have a chorus slap-sound. If I turn up the speed, I get a fake-Leslie thing going. It sounds awesome.

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