Broken Tron TonePrint by TC Electronic

If you're into 1970s progressive rock, you're gonna love this Mellotron inspired TonePrint! In case you don't already know, a Mellotron is a tape replay keyboard that contains samples of prerecorded sounds. The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Genesis and King Crimson used the Mellotron on several of their classic songs and the instrument is now regarded a true trademark of the progressive rock genre. This TonePrint uses the up-octave to create a timbre close to that of the flute tapes found in the original Mellotron from 1963. Except that they are weathered - perhaps after being stored for ages in a poorly isolated attic. A shame? Well, yes - they could have yielded you some serious money, had they been in mint condition! But still, the sounds are pretty friggin' spectacular, so go get your prog on!


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