Quintessence Harmony

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Quintessence Harmony is a state-of-the-art intelligent harmony pedal featuring expressive MASH technology and powerful TonePrint® customization. 

Beefing up your sound in any musical style from country or southern rock harmonies to Thin Lizzy-esque twin riffs and screaming metal leads, Quintessence follows your every whim with perfectly harmonized notes in a wide variety of modes and scales.

With MASH, Quintessence can bend the harmonized notes without you moving a finger, momentarily harmonize just a few bars or notes and with our proprietary TonePrint® technology you can even choose exotic scales and custom intervals for harmonies.

With up to 2 perfectly tracking harmonies and
an intuitive, straightforward design,
Quintessence simply sounds stunning. 

  • 8 default harmonies and 3 TonePrint harmonies
  • 7 diatonic scales and a custom scale setting
  • Expressive MASH technology

MASH puts the pedal in pedal steel

Quintessence features a MASH footswitch giving you a powerful expressive tool without taking up any extra pedalboard real estate.

By default the MASH switch has been assigned to bend your harmonized note up to the next interval within the scale but in TonePrint mode, you can assign MASH to control just about any aspect of the pedal including custom scale steps - both above and below the original harmony.

This not only makes the Quintessence much more versatile as you can switch between two different intervals mid-song without having to fiddle with knobs, but it also lets you do fluid pedal steel bends worthy of the greasiest Nashville honky-tonks out there. 

Master your scales

If you don't feel like using one of the seven preset diatonic modes commonly used, the Custom scale mode lets you load in whichever flavor of tonality you want your harmonies to follow.

When Quintessence is not in TonePrint mode, the Custom mode is set for Locrian. Using the three TonePrint slots however, you can set it to a wealth of different custom scales.

Feeling major pentatonic or harmonic minor today? Have at it, Hoss!

Triple TonePrint Treasures

Of course, you get three TonePrint slots to get you safely through your set list, allowing you to customize your own harmonies with one or two extra voices on top of your dry signal in any way you want. 

The free TonePrint editor gives you access to a wealth of tweakable parameters to get you exactly the harmonies you want.

Instead of spending your time, trying to find your own Dickey Betts or Marty Friedman for your band - Quintessence has your back and is always in tune.

TonePrint® - 無限に広がるエフェクトの世界

Artists _beam _editor

The Artist Entrance


ペダルの各ツマミ類に割り当てられているパラメーターを「再定義」する TonePrint 機能。TC では、世界中のトップ・アーティストたちにエフェクト・パラメーターを公開し、彼らの想像のおもむくままにカスタマイズしてもらいました。このシグネチャー・パラメーターは「TonePrint ファイル」として一般ユーザーに無償で提供されており、着せ替え感覚でペダルに転送することが可能です。

TonePrint アーティストを見る


スマホで TonePrint をビーム転送!

iPhone / Android スマートフォン用 TonePrint App を使用することで、ギターのピックアップ経由でペダルに TonePrint ファイルを転送できます。本アプリは無償で入手可能。ケーブル不要の手軽さで、いつでもどこでも TonePrint をご利用いただけます。 TonePrint 詳細情報.

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Your Vision, Your Sound!

自分のオリジナル TonePrint 作成

ギタリストの数だけ「理想のサウンド」があります。TonePrint Editor エディター・ソフトウェアを使用すると、開発者レベルでパラメーターの調整ができ、

あなたのシグネチャー・サウンドを作成することが可能になります。TonePrint Editor は無償で提供しております。

TonePrint Editor for PC/Mac を今すぐ入手

Quintessence Harmony TonePrints

True to Tone Logo

True to Tone

楽器のトーンがギタリストにとっての生命線であることを理解しているからこそ、TC は一貫して音質にこだわります。TC 製品はシグナルの整合性を最大限保持するために広大なヘッドルームを確保しており、使用環境よってトゥルー・バイパスとバッファード・バイパスを切り替えられるようになっています。さらに Kill Dry ON/OFF 設定も切り替えられるなど、実用面で充実したスペックを誇ります。またアナログ・ドライスルー仕様により、バイパス時にはトーンの色付けを行わず原音のレイテンシー(音の遅れ)を回避、さらにドライ音はデジタル変換されないため原音の艶を損ないません。

Backstage Pass - All Access

Though not exactly rocket science, there are quite a lot of features in this one, so it might be good to just take a glance at the following section to make sure you’re getting everything out of the pedal.


Basically, this switch just pitches the key you’re in up a semitone to cover the entire fretboard.


This one is pretty simple, just set the dial to the to the key you’re going to be playing in and adjust with the #-Switch.


Adjusts the mix between the dry and wet signals. In the middle, both signals are unity gain. Turning left keeps the dry signal at unity while lowering the wet and turning right lowers the dry signal and maintains the wet signal at unity. You get the idea.


Choose any of the seven diatonic modes to harmonize your impending opus. The Custom setting is set to Locrian mode except when in TonePrint mode on the Harmony knob.


The first six settings add a single voice in harmony to your dry signal while the seventh and eighth add 2 voices to your original signal. After that, you’re in the land of TonePrints. Careful! There be monsters here…

MASH Footswitch

Our new favorite toy – the pressure sensitive footswitch that allows expression pedal-phrasing without the hassle of an actual expression pedal. And get this: MASH works in both Latch and Momentary mode. So if you’re in momentary mode and you want to do some MASHing – just lean a little harder on the switch.


The MASHlight indicates the intensity of the effect controlled by MASH. Putting pressure on the footswitch will make the MASHlight brighter and lifting your foot off the pedal will make it dimmer.


When in Latch mode, the footswitch acts like your run of mill footswitch; press and release – the pedal is on until you press and release again. In Momentary mode, the pedal is only on as long as your foot is on the switch. As soon as you release it, the effect is off.

MASH Presets

Here is a quick overview of what MASH does in the different Harmony settings.

TonePrint 1

The first TonePrint is for the pedal steel pickers trapped in a guitar players body. A 3rd and a 4th is harmonized and when you MASH, the 3rd is lowered an interval while the 4th stays in place. Setting the Scale knob to Custom puts you in pentatonic major.

Default harmonies

In these positions, MASH has the same effect. It bends up the harmony note to the next interval in the scale. So for example, MASHing while the Harmony knob is on the 3rd up setting, the harmonized 3rd is bent up to the 4th of the scale. In positions 7 and 8, MASH bends both voices up to the next interval.

TonePrint 3

The last TonePrint is a bit different. The harmony is a 3rd and a 5th but they are delayed individually, resulting in a nice little arpeggio for every note you play. MASHing takes up the harmonies an octave for some hauntingly strange effects. The Custom scale mode sets this TonePrint in an Yngwie-approved harmonic minor.

TonePrint 2

This one is a bit avant-garde. The harmony is a 4th and a 7th and MASHing bends both harmonies up an interval which essentially lands you in a power chord. The Custom scale setting is takes you to the very dissonant super locrian mode.

Quintessence Harmony リバーブの主な特徴

  • MASH Technology
  • Intelligent harmony pedal with customizable scales
  • 11 harmony settings and 3 TonePrint slots
  • Latch or momentary footswitch mode
  • True Bypasss or Buffered Bypass
  • Analog-dry-through
  • Key, Scale, Mix, and Harmony controls
  • Easy battery access
  • Small footprint
  • High quality components
  • Road-ready design
  • Stereo In/out


Quintessence Harmony アーティスト

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