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The acclaimed heavy rocker Niclas Engelin is a master of fleet-fingered guitar licks with rock-solid low-end in both Engel and In Flames.

Combined with his harmonized leadguiar melodies, playing up against fellow In Flames-guitarist Björn Gelotte, Niclas’ is a prominent player on the influential Swedish metal scene.

Niclas had his first short stint with In Flames as a touring guitarist in 1997. Afterwards he made their audience headbang even more until their necks got sore on numerous following tours, filling in for Jesper Strömblad.

On and off with the band he finally became a full time member in 2010, when Jesper pulled his guitar plug from the band. He's now regarded as one half of one of the most tight-knit guitar tag-teams in metal.

With Niclas as part of the renowned two-guitar lineup, In Flames reached their highest position to date on the Billboard Top 200. The album “Siren Charms” from 2014 burned itself through the rankings, peaking at number 26.

But reaching album success with one band is not enough for this productive musician, who keeps himself busy contributing to several projects.

With his more rattling band Gardenian, Niclas has experienced less commercial success, but an equal amount of raw guitar power reminiscent of Iron Maiden.

The heavy guitar sound of the band is just a breath short of being brutal and hailed as its own version of the Gothenburg Death Metal-sound. Their take on the menacing yet melodic sound as expanded throughout three albums have been praised by fans and critics alike.

The master shredder also uncovers the darker notes of metal in his band Engel. The still-active band blasts an industrial sound with crispy riffs, showing a different range of his deep musicality.

Currently Niclas fires up the stages around the world on tour with In Flames in support of their latest album, “Battles”. If you want to feel the heat, check out their website for a date near you.

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