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Say hello to the thrash and melodic death metal inspired British guitarist Lee Malia. As lead guitarist of the hard rock quintet Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH) Lee Malia’s epic technical guitar skills can be heard on stages around the world.

Lee Malia, a Rotherham, England, native was into bands like Metallica and At The Gates and played in a Metallica tribute band when he met fellow BMTH band members, Matt Nicholls and Oliver Sykes.

Together with Curtis Ward and Matt Kean, they officially formed the band in March 2004 when the members were 15 to 17 years old. Talk about starting out young!

The name of the band derives from the final line of the cinema blockbuster “Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, in which Johnny Depp playing the role of Captain Jack Sparrow says: "Now, bring me that horizon."

The cinematic line could easily be translated to "Let's go" and could characterize the band's stratospheric rise to glory.

In line with the band’s vision teetering name, Lee Malia plays the guitar as if he’s on a mission to win and conquest new territory.

He is evolving as a player in accordance with the music of BMTH, constantly cruising forward, winning over new fans along the way.

Lee Malia and BMTH are known to embrace a broad variety of genres, which is noticeable on their five studio albums.

Initially, the band was influenced by American metalcore bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Skycamefalling and Poison the Well.

Later on, BMTH’s sound adopted influences from progressive rock, post-rock, dubstep and electronica.

The quintet’s style of music has mainly been characterized as metalcore. However, it has also been called deathcore as well as been linked to genres such as death metal, grindcore, post-hardcore, technical metal and emo.

In recent years, BMTH has experimented with its music by mixing pop with metal music. Being so, the band has been labelled as a “pop metal” act.

But one shouldn't shun at such a term. In the hands of BMTH it has become an efficient machine of sing along choruses and BIG riffs!

With the release of its 2015 album, “That’s the Spirit”, the band’s sound has shifted towards alternative metal and alternative rock, while incorporating pop rock and electronic rock.

And live the band back it up with one of the most impressive shows in the world, combining carefully crafted visuals with heart bleeding, sweat drenched performances.

Besides Lee Malia (lead guitar, backing vocals, rhythm guitar), BMTH currently consists of Oliver Sykes (vocals), Matthew Nicholls (drums), Matt Kean (bass) and Jordan Fish (Programming and Keys).

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