Ocean Machine TonePrint by Steve Vai

This is a very natural sounding reverb, with a bit of chorus and Steve's very precise parameter and eq settings. This TonePrint has a very nice wide wash with a mellow bite and plenty of shine for your own tone. A bit introspective and slowly ebbing and flowing, this TonePrint does sound like the ocean indeed.


サウンド・サンプル by Steve Vai


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Steve Vai - TonePrint for Hall Of Fame Reverb: "Ocean Machine"

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We met with Steve Vai at the Harmony Hut to do a Toneprint. Steve was excited and determined. He knew exactly what he was looking for: a killer reverb with a bit of chorus. Obviously Steve knows tone like nobody's business, and since he's been a Tc user since forever, he knew exactly what to aim for. This resulted ion a TonePrint session that was fun and easygoing but very focused with Steve not letting up until he got exactly what he wanted: a TC reverb that's maximum him! As he exclaimed during the session: "Amazing! Holy sh&%, you can do anything with this!

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