BullsEye TonePrint by Rob Caggiano

Rob’s Bulls-Eye TonePrint is quite the Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. It can go from being a sweet and subtle spring reverb to a veritable slap in the face simply by turning one knob! Rob decided to have the decay time fixed around 3 seconds and let the decay knob control the pre-delay time instead, which takes you all the way from 0ms to a whooping 100ms. So at the far end of the spectrum this reverb actually becomes a slapback delay, perfect for those vintage rockabilly tones. So all you have to do now is just tweak away until you feel that you’ve hit the Bulls-Eye!


サウンド・サンプル by Rob Caggiano


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Rob Caggiano (Volbeat) creates his "Bullseye" TonePrint

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