Crabtree TonePrint by Devin Townsend

Are you familiar with the expression “more than the sum of its parts”? Well, in this case, the “Crabtree” TonePrint represents one of the parts. The other part you’re gonna need is Devin Townsend’s TonePrint called “Goo Soup” for Flashback Delay. Yeah, we know that’s a little inconvenient, but if you couple the two TonePrints, something really exciting will happen - together they’ll create an effect that really is more than some of its parts… Actually, that’s putting it lightly - It sounds unbelievably cool! The modulated Ping Pong Delay of the “Goo Soup” will blend perfectly with the high-passed Hall Reverb of the ”Crabtree”, giving you an ethereal, and yet organic, spacious effect. We recommend you try it out!


サウンド・サンプル by Devin Townsend


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Devin Townsend uses his "Craptree" TonePrint for the Hall of Fame Reverb

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