SpookyVerb TonePrint by Uriah Duffy

This is a lush dynamic plate reverb that compliments solo phrases on bass. Adding modulation to the reverb that is especially audible in between phrases immediately triggered the spooky feeling that ended up being the name of the TonePrint.


サウンド・サンプル by Uriah Duffy


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Uriah Duffy's Spooky Verb TonePrint

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Other TonePrints by Uriah Duffy


We were delighted to have Uriah Duffy of Whitesnake fame come join us at our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark to create bass TonePrints for the TC TonePrint pedal range. The SpookyVerb and Moonlight TonePrints for Hall of Fame were done in our second TonePrint session. Uriah was looking for a couple of flavours to compliment his sound on sessions where he plays solo bass.

Both prints allow the full tight bass sound to shine through, but creates an inspiring atmosphere compared to a dry sound. Watch the videos and see Uriah be inspired by these TonePrints.

続きを読む Uriah Duffy

Hall of Fame 2 Reverb