Aftershock TonePrint by Uriah Duffy

Uriah's Aftershock Reverb TonePrint for the Hall of Fame pedal was created by his desire to hide the reverb when playing softly but then unleashing the beast when playing harder. This is as a result of reaching the threshold; simply like a traditional envelope filter would have allowed him to do.


サウンド・サンプル by Uriah Duffy


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Uriah Duffy's AfterShock TonePrint

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TC: Just before we get into the tweaking, what’s your relation to reverb? Why did you want to pick that and tweak it? URIAH: In addition to my regular bass playing gigs that I get I like to play solo bass for times when you want to experiment with sounds, chords and melodies. I found that just a little reverb done the right way really makes it sound more expressive and it can be done the wrong way too when it’s over saturated. So I would like to learn how I can use this pedal and come up with the settings so that I can play some of these more pretty types of things.

TC: Let’s get to it then! URIAH: So I want one that’s almost like a very short delay but with ‘meat’ on the slapback. Almost sounding like a small room with something coming back at you.

TC: The way it works now is that if you play softly you don’t hear a lot of reverb but when you pull really hard and you get peaks then it will trigger the gate to open. URIAH: I like it! I like the fact that when you hit more that you can get the reverb. Print!

TC: What about a name for the TonePrint? URIAH: I keep thinking ‘Aftershock’.

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