Lonely Spring TonePrint by Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson’s “Lonely Spring” TonePrint is based on a Spring Reverb template and has got a hint of modulation to it. The result is a very organic reverb that is great for “playing them good old blues licks”.


サウンド・サンプル by Steven Wilson


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Steven Wilson demoes his "Lonely Spring" Reverb TonePrint

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We met up with Steven Wilson at Train in Aarhus before his gig there in late 2013. Apart from being a guitarist, singer and songwriter, Wilson is a true audiophile renowned for his high quality studio productions. Therefore it was no surprise that he had a very clear vision of what he wanted his TonePrint to sound like. “I really like the old “spring”-kind of reverbs - The kind you would get in an old fashion amp,” he explains. “But, then again, I also like a little bit of modulation, a little bit of color, on most of my ambient delay and reverb effects. And this is no exception. I have created a sound which has got a Lonely Spring Reverb feel to it.”

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