Seething Flames TonePrint by TonePrint Junkies

Stoner-metal-funeral-doom guitarist and proud member of the TonePrint Junkies Facebook group, Jesper Bøggild-Christensen had a slightly unusual reverb TonePrint in mind when he created "Seething Flames" for Hall Of Fame Reverb. Designed to go into the front of a tube amp, to create a little post-rock inspired chaos, "Seething Flames" is all about breaking the rules. However, to ensure that things didn't get totally out of hand with an "already screaming pre-amp" as Jesper describes it, we removed a good deal of the low end, whilst pushing the top end for a little sheen. The result is a rather unique reverb TonePrint, perfect for adding a "wall-of-sound" element to harder styles ... particularly agressive jazz!


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