Abduction Delay TonePrint by Greg Koch

Greg Koch’s Abduction Delay Toneprint for the Flashback X4 Delay is a no nonsense single delay at the same hit, same volume as the guitar note played, same volume as the original guitar tone, one repeat, with a little bit of modulation on there for some viscosity and filth.


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Greg Koch's Abduction Delay TonePrint from TC Electronic

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Greg Koch adds a few words to the creation of his very own take on the TC Electronic Delay Toneprint:

"I don’t use a ton of delay, but I got this pedal and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I usually like a slapback delay, for a little rockabilly activity, and then I like to have a real subtle longer delay when I’m playing some care-bear ballads and I want a little twiddle-twiddle tail to the note. One thing I like to do is one repeat at the same volume as my initial hit, if you will, but what this has is…it’s got a little modulation on there, and I’d like to add a little bit of that for a little extra soup, ... because soup is good food."

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Flashback X4 Delay