Onion Delay TonePrint by Brett Scallions

Brett Scallions Onion Delay TonePrint for Flashback Delay has the sweetness of a buttery roasted onion and some added a slap. It's short with lots of feedback and is good for adding flavors to those accentuated riff parts and fills that makes a song stand out!


サウンド・サンプル by Soren Andersen


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Brett Scallions creates a Flashback Delay TonePrint

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TC: What is on your pedal board? BRETT: It's fairly simple. I use a effects to access certain parts of a song versus layering effects throughout the entire song. So I'll do a clean dry amp sound and then I'll throw in the delay. Or I use a whammy pedal at times or tremolos.They are always pretty popular on my pedal board.

TC: So you got your basic sound and you'll accent from there? BRETT: Except for maybe I'm not a rhythm player that's using a big delay to a play rhythm parts like The Edge from U2 would do it. I usually tend to keep my rhythm somewhat dry and then I'll throw in a delay for a little lead accent part.

TC: What inspired you when you first started playing guitar, what were your influences? BRETT: You know I grew up in the seventies and I grew up in small town in Tennessee so there was the influence of Elvis Presley right down the street. Tina Turner came from my area, so I was listening to a lot of blues and soul music.

As I grew older I became a huge fan of Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen is probably, is definitely one of the greatest guitar players ever. His use of effects always amazed me; his use of delay and flanger! He knew how to to dial things in just right. When I use the effects I tend to gravitate towards people like Eddie Van Halen or Brian May of Queen and The Edge from U2. The fact that they always knew how to dial it in just right the way that it's not excessive, and where you not washing out your guitar sound but lets the instrument and the strings shine through along with the amp.

TC: What excited you when we approached you with the suggestion to make TonePrints? BRETT: I've always loved TC Electronic stuff, they always made great stuff, great pedals, great rack stuff and effects. As soon as you called me about it, I said: I'm there! I was very intrigued by how you can store your own settings.

TC: Have you ever dialed in a sound with a pedal and based a song on that sound? BRETT: Absolutely! You know there's numerous songs, sometimes you're just messing around with a pedal or goofing with sound and the next thing you know the riff comes off that.

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