WayBackMachine TonePrint by Gary Lucas

Gary really likes his delays to play ’against the guitar’ or for a more crazy effect to just create contrast – he uses delays for fun, and he nailed it with this TonePrint. Gary went with a reverse delay with a bit of the dry signal, but very distorted and nasal. Not a clean, pristine sound in the traditional sense, this delay harkens back to the best of the 60s warped out sounds but has a cool futuristic vibe.


サウンド・サンプル by Gary Lucas


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Gary Lucas' "Wayback Machine" TonePrint for Flashback X4 Delay

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We meet up with Gary at Blue Studios in Paris – the first signs of spring were ever so slightly popping up and this created a fresh and adventurous atmosphere that reflects the TonePrints we did with Mr. Lucas perfectly: they came out amazing!

続きを読む Gary Lucas

Flashback Mini Delay