Get Your Fix TonePrint by Divinity Roxx

In the Flashback Delay, Divinity Roxx was looking for a tone that she herself could use on her song 'Get Your Fix'. The 'Get Your Fix' TonePrint turned out to be a bright and rhythmic delay with a shorter number of repeats to maintain a subtle but ever-present delay.


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Divinity Roxx TonePrint Delay

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TC: Do you typically use a lot of effects when you play? DR: I have just started getting into a lot of effects. So doing this TonePrint seemed like a really cool idea and this pedal is so perfect for one of my favorite songs that I love to play, which is called “Get Your Fix”.

TC: Do different sounds inspire you? DR: That’s the cool thing about messing around with sounds. The sound inspires you to do something cool and helps you write. Even when you’re going through a bunch of tones when you’re making beats and you’re going through keyboard sounds. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to do or what you’re going to play but you pull up a sound and it inspires something really cool to come out and you just throw a beat on top and you’ve got a song.

TC: Do you like the delay to be in sync with the music or kind of free flowing in the background? DR: I kind of want it to be in sync with so that you’re not losing time because when it’s out of sync then you have this sound that going and everybody just wonders what that is and where it’s coming from. So I prefer a rhythmic thing.

TC: We can change two things in terms of how the delay presents itself in the music. We can change how loud they are and we can change for how long they go on. DR: The volume is good but I want less repeats. Perhaps turn down the volume of the first repeat.

TC: How would you use this TonePrint? DR: I would probably use it for the song ‘Get your Fix’. That’s why we named it ‘Get Your Fix’.

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