Mod Delay For Clean TonePrint by Yuji 'YOU' Adachi

Impressed and very happy with Flashback's default Mod Delay, YOU felt that the mix was a bit too deep for his his stereo system. This TonePrint has a more gentle mix level and the delay time is set to match YOU's taste.


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YOU: As soon as I plugged this delay in to my setup and played around with these massive pallet of types, this mod delay just caught me right away. I didn’t even have to tweak knobs, but I kept playing for hours with this sound. . This pedal sounds absolutely amazing with clean sound. Way too cheap for what it does deliver to the guitarists. it’s like good old pasta that everyone can enjoy, but at the same time a chef, the pros can also enjoy and get inspired.

続きを読む Yuji 'YOU' Adachi

Flashback 2 Delay