Eyemaster Metal Distortion

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Eyemaster Metal Distortionは2つのノブで、激しいメタル・ヘッズを呼び覚ます。


Eyemasterは、スウェーデンのデス・メタルトーン 用に特別に設計されており、「スウェーデンのバズノコギリ」という愛称から、Eyemasterは、ただのディストーションではありません。

  • アグレッシブ・デスメタル・ディストーション
  • 全アナログ回路
  • トゥルー・バイパス

All. The. Gain.

The concept of gain is something we often take for granted but rarely do we stop and think about what the term actually implies.

These days, gain has been corrupted; mankind has been tricked into believing such blatant nonsense as "less is more" and weak terms like "transparent" or "authentic".

Eyemaster brings back the elemental, primordial gain. The gain that empires are built and shattered upon.

EQ’s are a sign of weakness

Don't waste time on EQ's. We've already tweaked the EQ for the perfect death metal tone and cut off the knobs. Just turn the remaining knobs all the way up and kill.

Set Eyemaster the classic way - "everything dimed" - for the authentic death metal sound reminiscent of pagan ritualism in the darkness of the Scandinavian woods.

This will summon a dark and menacing tone, dripping with acid and edge.

Forged from unholy materials

With its sturdy and strong metal frame, Eyemaster will stand up to an army of black clad metal players and keep asking for more.

Dead simple 2-knob operation and top mounted jacks make for fast operation and fits conveniently on a pedal board and true bypass keeps your signal nice and clean.

Not that you would need a clean signal for death metal.


サウンド・サンプル by Kasper Falkenberg

Backstage Pass – All Access

This one is easy. It's got two knobs and you should turn both of them all the way up.


Controls the amount of distortion. The more you turn it up, the more your band will slay.


Controls how loud you sound when going through the pedal. You want people to hear you, right? So crank it!

True Bypass

If you're not using it, you shouldn't be hearing it. Our high quality true bypass circuit keeps your signal squeaky clean.

  • Extremely high gain metal distortion pedal
  • All-analog circuitry
  • トゥルー・バイパス
  • スマートなケーブリングが可能なトップマウントI/O端子仕様
  • コンパクトかつ頑強なメタルシャーシ筐体
  • Highly affordable
  • Runs on 9V battery or optional PSU
  • Power consumption: 9V DC and 10 mA

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