Sonic String Modulator TonePrint by Roscoe Beck

Roscoe Beck has chosen to use the Corona Chorus to create his Sonic String Modulator TonePrint. Inspired by warm organ sounds, Roscoe aimed for a Leslie type effect that offers a clear tone, combined with a good rotary effect. The outcome is a mild, buttery sound that doesn't thin the bass line.


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Roscoe Beck - "Sonic String Modulator" TonePrint

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TC: What were you trying to achieve soundwise with this TonePrint? RB: Well, I’m always trying to achieve an organ effect when playing the two-handed chordal tapping technique – a Leslie effect – with slow settings and faster settings depending on what you’re playing.

TC: Is that why you chose the regular Chorus as opposed to Tri-Chorus? Because it has more of that rotating Leslie effect that gets the modulation going? RB: Yes, and we also changed the tone control to a delay control. I wouldn’t want to darken the sound of bass, because all of the frequencies need to be present for the best sound. When you're tapping it’s less forceful than plucking, and one needs as much high end character from the (passive) bass as one can get.

TC: And Chorus as opposed to Vibrato was the obvious choice when trying to recreate this type of sound? RB: Yes. You know, I first heard the effect used on guitar of course, but I saw right away how useful the chorus, particularly the TC Chorus, would be for bass, in creating the Leslie effect I was looking for. One of my early influences as a bassist was not a bass player at all, but a Hammond organ player: a great player on the B-3 named James Polk, who played with Ray Charles among others. I used to hear his organ trio when I was just a teenager: no bass, just B-3, guitar, drums. I thought that was just the greatest sound I had ever heard! If I hadn’t already been a bass player, I think I would have taken up the Hammond right then. But I’ve been able to incorporate some of that sound and feel into my bass playing, and the TC Chorus has been helping me achieve that… for years!

TC: How about a name for this TonePrint? RB: Well, I was thinking about the ”Sonic String Modulator”. It has two settings, the slow setting I would use on something like a minor blues and the faster setting I would use on a walking blues kind of thing.

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