Discreet Depth TonePrint by MarloweDK

For inspiration when it comes to Chorus, MarloweDK looks to Neil Jason of Brecker Brothers fame. This resulted in a very bubbly, almost upbeat sounding chorus that is not drenched in the 80s sound that can get a bit dated at times, but works well as an almost 'harmonizing' or doubling effect. Call it what you will, fact is that it sounds really nice, classic and pleasing, wrapping this one into a chorus that'll takes things nice and slow, has a nice depth range that fattens up the sound in an ultra-musical way.


サウンド・サンプル by Uriah Duffy


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MarloweDK "Discreet Depth" Toneprint

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When we meet with MarloweDK, he's excited to be part of the TonePrint program: " is easily the biggest musical project in my life, and it has given me so much in return. Meet all kinds of cool people and passionate bass players and really be smack-dab in the middle of the bass community - I love it. And now, I get to be part of the TonePrint program, which is kinda also quickly becoming an integrated part of the bass community. So, it's all about bass ... and about me getting to 'nerd out' with cool gear!" *laughs*

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