Compressed’ N’ Drive TonePrint by TC Electronic

Get ready for some full frontal 90’s compression! If you are into dense and heavy bass sounds, you'll soon be head over heels for this Combined TonePrint. Seriously, there are pre-historic fossils in the earth’s crust less compressed than this! Tip: If you crank up the lows and highs on your amp, you’ll get a bass tone that’s more 90s than 90210.


サウンド・サンプル by Uriah Duffy


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*** NOTE ***

In order to support all TonePrint effects make sure your BG/BH amp is updated with the latest firmware.
BG250 MKI (the original with 1 TonePrint knob) does not support Helix Phaser and Viscous Vibe.

Get the latest BG/BH firmware here

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In this Combined TonePrint a heavy SpectraComp is the foundation over which you can add TubeDrive according to taste.

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