3rd Dimension Chorus

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3rd Dimension Chorus is a unique type of "motionless" chorus effect that reproduces that recognizable eighties clean tone.
It's full and lush and expands your tone with a three-dimensional feeling that is at once rich and sweet as well as shallow and smooth.

3rd Dimension has no knobs for you to obsess about - just 4 preset buttons ranging from "just a bit" to "quite substantial". 

  • 4 preset buttons, 16 presets
  • All-analog dual bucket brigade circuit
  • True Bypass

Classic All Analog Chorus

3rd Dimension takes its inspiration from the classic eighties studio chorus guitar tone found on thousands of recordings: thick, lush, and crystal clear.

It makes you want play dynamically - either dig in on some meaty chords, funk out on some crispy double-stops or do huge sounding finger-picked arpeggios. You'll quickly locate some recognizable settings with the 4-button interface.

Forget about knobs

Instead of bothering you with a bunch of knobs and the inevitable hours spent fine-tuning, 3rd Dimension has four simple preset buttons instead. This might seem limiting to your tonal arsenal but it isn't.

First of all, when it comes to music limitations usually make for some very inspiring and creative outcomes.

With that being said you can actually coax out 16 different presets from the pedal by combining the 4 buttons in different ways.
There's even a hidden preset that's active when none of the buttons are depressed and the pedal is turned on. The subtlest of the subtle.

So you see - the limitations really aren't that limiting.


As opposed to the vintage pedals that are capable of conjuring the same luscious chorused soundscapes, you don't have to worry about taking 3rd Dimension out on the road for full-time gigging.

It was built to stand up to whatever the working musician can throw at it and still keep delivering those beautiful three-dimensional tones. And in contrast to those old vintage pedals - it has true bypass so it won't color your tone when it's off.


サウンド・サンプル by Kasper Falkenberg


マニュアルいらずのシンプルさを極めたSkysurfer Reverbの機能をご紹介。








Skysurfer Reverbに搭載されている3種類のリバーブ・タイプを切り替えます。


Skysurfer Reverbはトゥルーバイパス仕様のため、OFF時はトーンに一切干渉せず、楽器本来のトーンを維持します。

  • スタジオ品質のリバーブ・ペダル
  • Spring、Room、Hallの3種類のリバーブタイプを搭載
  • トップマウントI/O端子仕様
  • トゥルーバイパス仕様
  • スマートなケーブリングが可能なトップマウントI/O端子仕様
  • コンパクトかつ頑強なメタル・シャーシ
  • 高コストパフォーマンス
  • 9 V電池、もしくはオプション9 V PSUによる駆動が可能
  • 消費電力:9V DC/100 mA

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