Improved GPI Functionality for DB6 Broadcast Audio Processor

We're proud to announce a new, free software update for our intelligent loudness management solution: DB6. With the new software, you are able to recall up to 16 Scene Presets by using GPI 1 and 2 together. DB6 offers a variety of ways to engage or disengage processing automatically, depending on format, level, physical inputs etc., while you may remote control DB6 via Ethernet, GPI, SDI metadata, etc.

The GPI implementation of DB6 is very extensive, allowing you to switch between up to 16 Scene Presets using only two of its four GPI inputs. Based on this, DB6 may be controlled during playout, or a simple preset selection panel can be designed with easy access to presets and/or emergency override.

Further, you can now control DB6 using multiple instances of the ICON remote, adding a new level of operational flexibility to the platform. Finally, it is also possible to copy entire User preset Banks to or from files you have stored on a PC or Mac.


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