Captains Cavern TonePrint by Andertons Music

The idea behind this Hall of Fame TonePrint was designing a slapback country reverb sound with a touch of blues. To this aim, a long pre-delay was dialed in, the sound was made a bit brighter and some vibrato was added in the mix. The result was Lee Anderton's signature sound, the Captain's Cavern reverb.

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Lee Anderton creates Captain's Cavern TonePrint for Hall of Fame

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Founded by Peter and Harry Anderton, Andertons Music has been at the forefront of musical instrument retail since 1964. The UK’s Music Industry Association has crowned it the Best Independent Music Retailer on several occasions as a result of their stellar sales performance, store presentation, customer service and local involvement.

Although the family-run store based in Guildford Surrey prides itself on having had legends like Paul Weller, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Eric Clapton as customers, the majority of its client base is made out of regular musicians from all shades and levels of ability.

Andertons currently has around £5 million worth of music equipment in stock, ranging from guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, pianos, synthesizers, PA systems, studio and computer music products. There’s no wonder it’s become one of the largest and most respected retailers in the UK.

Lee Anderton was born in the early 70s and grew up in and around the family music store where he started working in 1988 and loves any kind of music with guitars in it.

In 2005 he became the managing partner. Despite owning a Tele, a 335 and a bunch of old Hofner acoustics, Lee's 1986 Fender Strat, that he bought in bits from an Andertons customer around 1990, is still the guitar that he keeps going back to.

Andertons has been working with YouTube star Rob “Chappers” Chapman on in-store video demos, competitions and the like. Since then Lee has almost become as famous as Rob in the process as “The Captain”!

Tore Mogensen from TC teamed up with Lee to create his very own TonePrint using the Hall of Fame Reverb pedal and the results were very gratifying.

Talking about the process, Lee said “I like that! So how did you manage to do that? Just from one pedal? Just from the Hall of Fame? Awesome!”

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