Main Delay for Solo TonePrint by Yuji 'YOU' Adachi

YOU still uses the legendary TC 2290 Dynamic Delay in his main rig but needed a dynamic delay with the same feeling and response in his secondary setup. This Dynamic delay has a bit of grit on the repeats and a cut off on the low end frequencies.

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YOU: I tried to copy how my main system sound like with this pedal because I thought I would be using this pedal for my sub system. So I selected the 2290 type with a bit of drive gain to make it fat, but at the same time, I have cut the lower frequency to make it not disturbing in the background because I do make the FX level about 45% - 50%, pretty big delay sound when I play solo. This tone print should allow you to play long sustaining solo with big delay sound. It sounds great when you bend up, or use your tremolo bar. I have also asked TC to make the delay knob to range from 250ms to 1750ms because that’s probably the range I would be using and is easier to teak when I need to.

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