Tape Echo TonePrint by Matt Beck

Being a huge tape echo fan, Matt Beck dialed in a classic tape sound but opted for something fairly dark, that would blend great with both clean and distorted sounds. Some subtle vibrato has been added for those classic wow-and flutter effects. Recommended settings: set all knobs to 12 o’clock for the standard TonePrint and then adjust to taste.


Sound examples by Soren Andersen

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Matt Beck doing TonePrints for TC Electronic's Flashback Delay

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TC: Who inspired you over the years when you were creating your own personal guitar tone? Matt: I am a big fan of sonic/textural guitarists. I love players like The Edge, Johnny Marr, and Kevin Shields. I grew up idolizing guitar tones by Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Hendrix and The Beatles as well.

TC: What are the main ingredients in your tone in terms of effects (e.g. chorus, flanger, delay, etc.)? Matt: Well, I suppose distortion/overdrive is most important to me. I like to have that type of sound always on and then roll back my volume for cleaner tones. Aside from that, I like to have 2 delays (one "always on" and one set for a big and long sound that I can bring in and out). I also like reverb a lot too.

TC: Have you ever been so inspired by a tone you created that you ended up writing a tune based on ideas triggered by that specific tone? Matt: Well, maybe not a whole tune, but I have definitely come up with guitar parts because of a particular effect. I've had good ideas come from plugging in an expression pedal to a ring modulator. Also, different delay settings can trigger whole new worlds of ideas as well.

TC: Do you work on developing your tone continuously, or do you feel that you have found a fundamental tone that will last throughout your career? Matt Beck: I most definitely am working on tones all the time. I constantly research new sounds and new ways to apply existing sounds. I'm rather obsessive about that actually.

TC: What inspired you when you created your TonePrints? Matt: I really liked having the freedom to explore the most extreme settings possible for each parameter and seeing if I could find new sounds.

TC: You had access to a lot of different parameters that you could tweak. Did any new ideas for future tones pop up in the process? Matt: An infinite amount actually. I can't wait to be able to spend more time tweaking!

TC: Normally, do you prefer having access to many parameters, or do you like simple pedals with just a few knobs better? Matt: I like having the best of both worlds, which is what I think these TonePrint pedals are about. I like being able to tweak to my hearts content while hooked up to the edit software. I also appreciate having only the 4 knobs for when I'm actually playing live so I can fine tune my sounds on the go without any hassle.

TC: How come you signed up for creating your own personal TonePrints? Matt: I wanted to be able to program my own sound so that I could have exactly what I wanted in a pedal.

TC: In your opinion, what is the single coolest thing about TonePrints? Matt: The fact that you will be able to hook it up to your computer and tweak the parameters and also download new sounds.

TC: What other gear and guitar do you use? Matt: I have a huge collection of gear but I tend to favor my Gretsch Duojet into a Vox AC30 with various pedals in line. I usually use an Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, a Full Tone OCD, a Menatone Shut Up And Drive, a Menatone Top Boost In A Can, a Zvex Fuzz Factory, an Xotic Effects RC Booster, a T.C. Electronic SCF Chorus, a T.C. Electronic Nova Delay and a Line 6 Verbzilla.

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