Apparitions TonePrint by Sune Rose Wagner

This TonePrint is a rarity – beam it once, and you’ll be able to play two different tracks with authoritative tone. If TonePrints weren’t free, we would advertise under the slogan; “2 for the prize of 1” – luckily we are always in a giving mood. And so, from all of us to all of you, here is Sune Rose Wagner’s beautiful TonePrint for the Ravonettes-tracks “She Owns The Streets” and “Apparitions”.

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Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes) demoes his "Apparitions" Delay TonePrint

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LA seemed a suiting place to meet up with The Raveonettes’ Sune Rose Wagner to collaborate making his signature TonePrints. After all, the big city life is a central theme in many songs by the Danish duo. Wagner clearly knew what types of sounds he was going for, changing parameters in the same steady pace as the traffic lights guided the cars across the main street you could see from his penthouse apartment.

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