Flashback 77 TonePrint by Ryan Roxie

Ryan Roxie's Flashback 77 Delay toneprint is an all purpose delay setting, fit not just for rhythm parts, but also for solos as well. Inspired by the great analog delays of the late 1970's.

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Ryan Roxie makes the "Flashback 77" TonePrint

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Visiting Ryan Roxie in his rehearsal studio, or his lair, as he aptly said, was a pleasure. The room definitely had a lair-feel, packed with all sorts of musical instruments, a cool place to get into the creative mode. We wanted Ryan to create a delay toneprint, and Ryan was definitely up for it. Ryan wanted to dial up a delay sound that he uses with the band he plays with in Stockholm called Casablanca. A lot of the songs on the album Apocalyptic Youth sort of have this delay setting. Ryan said: It’s a longer delay. It kind of just adds a lot to the atmosphere and colors the sound. It gives me a lot of cool effects to play with, especially during the solos.

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