Sausage and Beer TonePrint by Janek Gwizdala

'Sausage and Beer' is a delay that adds just enough feedback to give three to four crystal clear repeats as it tails off. Gwizdala also wanted a sound that would be reminiscent of a mix between a reverb and delay and recommends this TonePrint as a pretty soloing sound.


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Janek Gwizdala Sausage And Beer TonePrint

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TC: So what is the delay sound you’re using? JANEK: I have been using the Nova Repeater a lot and I use the tap tempo quite a bit just to get into the groove of playing.

TC: We can start by you dialing it in sort of how you would play. JANEK: A little bit of feedback so there are a few repeats, three to four, but it’s kind of in the back a bit; tailing off. That’s why I like it because it feels like a mixture of reverb and delay, which is awesome.

TC: Right now what we’ve done is that the EQ settings are totally open so what you play is what you get out of it. JANEK: I normally keep the EQ super flat. The amp is super flat and my bass is always flat.

TC: Where would you use this TonePrint typically? Is it on all your soloing stuff? JANEK: Yes but it depends. I have noticed lately that I used to wash everything out with reverb and delay when I went to solo. Then I realized it was not particularly dynamic.

TC: How do you use the Flashback? JANEK: I have the Flashback next to the Nova Repeater and use it for looping primarily up until now that we’ve done the TonePrint

TC: What does it sound like? JANEK: It’s sort of pretty. Almost like a reverb

TC: Do you have a name for the TonePrint? JANEK: You’re from Denmark. Let’s call it ‘Sausage and Beer’.

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