Eye Win Hoe Imitator TonePrint by TonePrint Junkies

"Eye Win Hoe Imitator" is a modulated delay TonePrint crafted out of necessity. When TonePrint Junkie, Simon Skaarup Axelsen was looking for, but ultimately lacking a modulation pedal, he turned to his Flashback X4 to save the day. Equipped with the TonePrint Editor and his imagination, Simon crafted a TonePrint which would quickly become his "always-on" clean sound. "Eye Win Hoe Imitator" is a replication of Simon's original TonePrint, faithfully re-created under the tutelage of Mr TonePrint himself, Tore Mogensen. The result is a very short modulated delay, with a lot of repeats and a rolled-off high end for some analog-style warmth and grit. With the Delay and Feedback controls dialed all the way to zero, you get a pure and glorious chorus sound, adding even more to the versatility!

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