Start Jamming With Rock Royalty Now!

Sound examples by Mika Vandborg
Sound examples by Ida Nielsen
Sound examples by Devin Townsend
Sound examples by Jason Hook
Sound examples by Ethan "EBassman" Farmer & Nathan East
Sound examples by Pete Thorn
Sound examples by Kirk Fletcher

StarJam Videos

John Petrucci creates "J-loo-P" for Ditto X2

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Importing Starjam Loops to the Ditto X2 Looper

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Totally Terrific Teamups

Everybody needs a sidekick. Batman has Robin, Breaking Bad's Walter White had Jesse Pinkman. And in music, legendary teamups are plenty. Lennon and McCartney. Hetfield and Hammett. Moore and Gorham. Jimi and Buddy - you get the idea.

What if we told you we asked the coolest dudes around to provide a loop you can download for free to Ditto X2 Looper and use/abuse to your heart's content? Stop jumping up and down and grab a guitar, cos it's here: a famous rockstar wingman who always inspires, never gets tired, never complains and doesn't try to steal your chicks!


  • Free Loops Made By Famous Guitarists
  • Use Loops how YOU see fit
  • Hours and hours of fun, practice and inspiration

An unlimited 15 Minutes of Fame

When we started showing Ditto X2 Looper to some of the artists we work with, everybody took a natural shine to it. It didn't really matter what we said, they just wanted to jam on it! So, we let them - and we thought we'd do something nice and ask all those famous guitarists to make a cool loop you can use as you see fit. No charge. 

Shred till you drop!

StarJam is all about giving Ditto X2-jammers the possibility of having an awesome selection of backing-tracks to shred and solo all over. As long as you use the loops for this intended purpose, we don't have any objections. StarJam-Loops are under the license of Creative Commons' (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). This means that you are free to share, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format without any objections from TC Electronic as long as you follow the license terms.

Perpetual Pleasure

No. Not that. Get your mind out of the gutter. We mean these loops! From Guthrie Govan to Steve Morse and everyone in between, we'll make sure you never run out of new things to try. We'll provide BPM, a key and some scale suggestions, but feel free to completely ignore all of that and go crazy! Whether you're just looking for a good time or want to incorporate these loops into your practice regimen, we're sure you'll love 'em!