Deep Purple - Too Much Is Not Enough!

Steve Morse creating TonePrints for Flashback Delay & Loooper

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Deep Purple. Pioneers of hard rock and even metal and a band so good, we've got TonePrints for both bass players and guitarists, delivered to you free of charge by legendary musicians Roger Glover and Steve Morse.


Roger Glover is best known as the bassist for Deep Purple, but he is also a renowned songwriter and world-class record producer - a true musician to the bone.


Steve Morse may be best known as the founder of the Dixie Dregs, but also as a genius guitarist, equally at home in rock, country, funk, jazz and classical. And then, like a true virtuoso he fuses these musical genres with the utmost brilliance. Steve has been part of Deep Purple since 1994.


These fine gents took it upon themselves to build custom versions of TC Electronic effects - and you can rock the results right here, right now!

Deep Purple TonePrints


Roger Glover - TonePrint for Hall Of Fame Reverb: "Roger's Fun At Home"

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