Ladyland-TonePrint von Steve Stevens

Steve's 'Ladyland' through zero flanging Toneprint replicates the classic old flanger sounds, originally created using two tape delays and manually changing their speed.


Klangbeispiele von Soren Andersen

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Steve Stevens creates a Vortex flanger TonePrint

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TC: Hi Steve. What’s your normal setup, pedalboard or rack?

Steve: A little bit of both, it’s a Dave Friedman system. All pedals are mounted in a rack on shelves and the pedals are selected for each patch with a switching system.

TC: What are your basic pedals?

Steve: Some Fulltone stuff, e.g. an OCD - but not many distortion pedals. As for amps, I use Dave Friedmans Marshall amp for my main lead sound and for heavier sounds I use a modified Suhr OD100. The amps can also be switched in and out in my system.

TC: Do you like to tweak pedal knobs a lot or do you just want to “set-and-forget”.

Steve: As long as it sounds good I don’t care how many knobs are on the pedal. I was always into gear and pedals when I was a geeky kid. I actually built some stuff myself, so the technology side of it doesn’t scare me at all.

TC: What excites you the most about being able to tweak sounds?

Steve: The build in lack of obsolescence is great. You know, you get a pedal, it’s your favorite for a while, but 6 months down the line there is something else and that pedal ends on the shelve. The Toneprint feature is cool, because you are basically your own designer. I like the fact that people can go buy something in the store, and then download a sound that you’ve put your stamp-of-approval on.

TC: What was your musical influences while growing up?

Steve: I didn’t get an electric guitar before I was 13, so believe it or not, I started with all the acoustic stuff – James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, John Fahey.

The acoustic background for me has really served me well, when you think of songs in the style of ‘Eyes without a face’ – you’ll hear they are acoustic based songs.

Then the early progressive rock stuff hit – british progressive bands like early Genesis and Yes. All the stuff that wasn’t just blues based. It was all that stuff I was learning as a guitar player, but couldn’t figure out to put in a rock band context. Then I heard Steve Howe (Yes) And Robert Fripp (King Crimson) and I was hooked.

TC: Now that you have done Toneprints for the TC Electronic pedals, can you see this technology is taking us into the future?

Steve: Absolutely. I’ve had the luxury of making these Toneprints, and the idea of another guy buying the pedals, then download signature sounds from me and other players they admire, is awesome.

TC: Do you think you would download any Toneprints. Steve: Absolutely! I want to hear what other people can do with it.

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