Extreme Victory-TonePrint von Rob Chapman

Known for his love of high gain sounds, Rob Chapman aka The Monkey Lord or Chappers chose to use the Vortex Flanger to shape his signature sound. Starting off with too much depth, the tone was readjusted by adding some "filth" and by slowing it down. The end result was a subtle, yet deep effect that has strong vocal qualities to the tone.

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Rob Chapman creates Chappers' Extreme Victory TonePrint for Vortex Flanger

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Rob Chapman is a guitarist from Wiltshire, UK. Also known as "The Monkey Lord" or "Chappers", he is internationally renowned for his entertaining and instructional YouTube channel which as of April 2012 has over 41,000 subscribers and has had nearly 19 million views.

Since graduating from the ICMP in 1995, Rob has performed in bands worldwide and acted as a session player for Universal Music on productions spanning from the blues rock of Jimi Hendrix, to the neo-classical metal of Yngwie Malmsteen. Rob's studio experience has seen him work with iconic producers such as Eddie Kramer, Todd Burke and Nick Tauber in prestigious studios across the world.

Rob also has his own guitar company, 'Chapman Guitars', who produce products created through collaborative design, a unique concept inspired by the communal reach of the YouTube platform.

In 2011 Rob ran his own UK guitar festival "MonkeyFest" which featured premier UK guitar talents Guthrie Govan and Andy James amongst many others. The festival is scheduled to run again in Summer 2013. Rob has recently formed a UK rock band known as Dorje.

TC’s Tore Mogensen met up with Rob Chapman at the UK's famous musical instrument superstore, Andertons in Guildford. We sat down with Rob and Lee Anderton aiming to create his very own, perfect guitar tone.

He was keen on using the Vortex Flanger as he’s a big fan of the pedal and admits that ‘the flange’ just doesn’t get enough love. We ended up dialing in quite a nice, high gain sound that also is very usable clean. You can now check out for yourselves!

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