ZappaFlanger-TonePrint von Dweezil Zappa

Is it a flanger, a phaser, a ring modulator or a chorus? All, and none, of the above! Apparently it is possible for a TonePrint to have a split personality. With the “Zappa-Flange” TonePrint you’ll be able to create sounds ranging from syrupy swirls to something that’ll get you kicked out of any music store!

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Dweezil Zappa TonePrint for Vortex Flanger

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When Dweezil Zappa proclaimed that he was going for a “Jekyl & Hyde” type of effect, we really weren’t that surprised. You see, beneath Zappa’s seemingly normal exterior there’s a musician so talented it’s practically insane! And what effect is more suitable to go “mad professor” on than a flanger?

The really cool thing about the “Zappa-Flange” TonePrint is that many of its parameters are interlocked, which means that when you change one setting you actually change a bunch of others. Look, it’s hard to explain, so you better try it out for yourself! Deal?

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