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Make That Delay Pedal Scream!

You can do what!!? That was basically the reaction from everybody at TC when I told them I had turned my Alter Ego V2 into a Booster/Overdrive pedal. See, even though we created the TonePrint Editor, we haven't found all of the sonic combinations. To be honest, we've barely scratched the surface! But that's just a testimony to the vast tone potential hidden inside the TonePrint Editor, and I truly hope this video inspires you to dig out some cool tones on your own.


So check out the video, and learn how to make your Flashback Delay scream!

You can learn more about the story behind the TonePrint below.

Drive and Doubler TonePrint

The Story Behind The TonePrint

Boost/Overdrive is pretty far away from delay, and I must admit that if I hadn't been pushed to think outside of the box, I would probably never have discovered this sound. So what made me think that I could potentially turn my delay into an overdrive?

Well, it was actually due to a friend of mine who is currently in the process of recording an album with his band. My friend plays the keyboard, and he asked me if TC Electronic by chance made any stereo overdrive/distortions, so he could add some grit to his sound. Sadly, we don't, but hey, it could be a potential idea for a new pedal in the future :) Just as I was about to admit defeat I thought about the CopyKat setting on the Alter Ego V2, which has a great deal of tape saturation on it, adding some glorious grit to the delay trails.


So I thought, what if I could simply isolate that distortion? That way my friend could get a stereo pedal that offered overdrive, plus a ton of divine delays on the side.


So I opened the TonePrint Editor, picked the Tape preset, dialed the delay time down to 0ms and cranked the saturation to 24db, and when I struck that following chord out poured a heavenly harmonic and rich sounding tone, kind of reminiscent of one of my favorite pedals, the Spark Booster.

TonePrint Editor pic2


Mission accomplished! But why stop there when you're having fun, right? Since my friend plays in an experimental prog-rock band, I thought I would add some extra hidden features to add a psychedelic touch to the overdriven sound.

So that's why I've set the Delay Time dial to act both as a tone knob, when dialed counter-clockwise, and as a modulation control when dialed clock-wise. That way you can control how bright you want the overdriven sound to be, or you can add some warble plus 10ms of delay for a cool psychedelic doubling sound.

TonePrint Editor pic1

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