Burning Chorus-TonePrint von Frank Bello

Frank Bello wanted to create an effect that had a distinct ethereal aesthetic to it but at the same time was usable in song contexts. He used the TonePrint Editor to fine-tune the Corona Chorus to his own taste and ended up with a very neat sounding TonePrint that at one and the same time has a unique personality and complements an overall band sound – much like its creator.

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Frank Bello creating his "Burning Chorus" on the Corona Chorus pedal

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As a starting point Frank Bello dialed in a sound on the Corona Chorus that he would typically use when playing live with Anthrax; a versatile, slightly modulating chorus. “I think of the song all of the time,“ he explained. ” The bass shouldn't be in the way of the song, it should just add to it, a little taste, you know?” This setting became the basis for further experimentation that led to another effect. Actually The Burning Chorus TonePrint is kind of like a Swiss army knife; A little clutching and turning will turn it into a different thing altogether – though the outcome in any case will be sure to cut through the mix.

When the TonePrint is loaded to the pedal and the knobs are all set at twelve o’clock, you get the subtle basic sound Frank started out creating. When you turn the Depth-knop all the way up and the Speed-knop all the way down, you unleash a fire-breathing monster (figuratively speaking). When asked to describe his TonePrint Frank Bello wasn’t in doubt; “It sounds like it's on fire! It is a heavier, grittier chorus. It sounds like “The Burning Chorus” to me.” This seems to be a suiting name for the TonePrint - Indeed, it was as if a sudden spark of inspiration emerged when Frank started to improvise over the effect. “All right, this might actually be an intro to a song!” Frank Bello reckoned. “That's burning chorus right there!”

As we were making the TonePrint with Frank we were pleased to see that he gets as exited by gear as we do here at TC Electronic; “This is the sort of stuff that I do at 3 o'clock in the morning in my house with my little amp,” he said. “And that’s when the neighbors start banging on the wall!”

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