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Sonically complex, yet easy as ABC to use - let’s zoom in on the dials of the TC XII Phaser Native!


Sets the general speed of the phasing effect


Select between and set the intensity of either a negative (notch) or positive sweep (peak). Peak is the most common phaser type for guitarists. while notch is more subtle and nuanced. As always - experiment your heart out, and pick the type that best suits your tone


Flick between 4, 8 or 12 filters to go from crackling lo-fi glory to thick and smooth power swirls!


Determines the width of the frequency sweep. A wider sweep will make the turning points of the sweep less obvious

TC XII Phaser's Resume

  • Tone-twisting native music software plug-in lets you radically alter phasing
  • True 1:1 software emulation of the original TC XII PROGRAMMABLE PHASER guitar pedal
  • From ethereal sounds to extremely grungy effects and everything in between
  • Legendary sound - among the first 5 products TC ever made
  • Works with virtually any major DAW for Mac* or PC
  • Ranges from clean funky chords to overdriven riffs to heavily saturated leads
  • 4-8-12 filter selector to offer a variety of settings, from wild lo-fi retro to pure grandiosity and back
  • Based on the original schematics: every sound, nuance and detail mapped to perfection
  • Supports AAX*, VST* and Audio Units* plug-in formats
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Calling All Tone Chasers - the Chase is Over!

You now have the chance to add 5 of the most sought-after vintage guitar effect pedals to your plug-in collection.

  • 5 vintage pedals as native plug-ins
  • Legendary tone: based on the original circuit diagrams
  • Lots of presets for versatility and variation


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Vintage Guitar Pedal Native Plug-in Bundle (Official Product Video)

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