TC Electronic to Host ‘An Afternoon on Loudness’ at NAB

Loudness is one of the hottest topics of today. With the CALM Act and similar legislation in numerous other countries throughout the world, many broadcasters find themselves in a state of transition. To meet the legislative demands, it is necessary to comply with various international broadcast standards. The most important of these will be covered in detail at this Loudness Seminar focused on facts, not products.

The seminar will be divided into four sessions. Each of the three speakers will present, culminating in a roundtable discussion. Each presenter will speak for 45 minutes, and there will be a short break in between sessions, making it possible for attendees to pick and choose which sessions they attend.

TC's HD Development Manager, Thomas Lund, will kick off the seminar with the topic 'Program Delivery in Accordance with ITU-R BS.1770-2', followed by Jay Yeary, Director of Audio & Studio Engineering at Turner Studios, who will provide insight on how Turner Studios have implemented ways and routines to tackle loudness challenges under the CALM Act. Finally, the chairman of European Broadcast Union's PLOUD Group, Florian Camerer, will talk about the EBU R128 standard, how it's being implemented in Europe, and how the R128 will affect program delivery.

In between the individual sessions, light snacks and soft drinks will be served. After the final panel discussion, attendees are welcome to stay for further debate as well as a beer.

Where: Room S204, Las Vegas Convention Center


1-2 PM. Thomas Lund, Dev. Manager HD, TC Electronic:
Program Delivery in Accordance with ITU-R BS.1770-2
Explanation of Terms Relating to Loudness and True-peak Level.
Pros and Cons of BS.1770-2 Normalization vs. Dolby Speech Gating.
How to Satisfy the Delivery Requirements of EBU R128 for Programs and Commercials.
Ensuring High Quality, Low Workload Broadcast to Apple Mobile Platforms.

2-3 PM. Jay Yeary, Director of Audio & Studio Engineering, Turner Studios:
Loudness at Turner Studios and Broadcast Engineering
Understanding Loudness and Understanding CALM.
ATSC A/85, Turner Loudness Challenges and Loudness Plans.
Post, Studio and Live Production, Broadcast Operations, dialnorm Management.
Training and Information, Content Delivery Specifications.

3-4 PM. Florian Camerer, Chairman of EBU P/LOUD:
EBU R128 Explained and Implemented
Terminology: LUFS, LKFS, LU, "M", "S" and "I" Loudness, LRA, Target Level.
Harmonized Metering, Production and Distribution Guidelines.
Improve Production and Delivery by Taking Advantage of New Tools.
Implementation Status and Experience, including Pitfalls and Dangers.

4-5 PM. Roundtable and Refreshments, All Presenters, Q&A:
The Welcome Revolution
Quality Audio Bouncing Back.
All World, All Genres on the Same Page. Wishful Thinking?

Price: Free