TC Electronic is proud to announce the next leap in TonePrints

Building Guitars Center's 'boutique' pedal business has been a focus of Barry Mitchell, Director of Merchandise - Guitar Accessories, since he arrived last year. The Boutique pedal business has exploded over the past 12 months and Guitar Center will be stepping into this part of the pedal market in a much bigger way this September with the expansion of Guitar Center's new Boutique Pedal Assortment in multiple markets. The major US retailer brought in TC Electronic's Flashback Delay and Corona Chorus to test the market earlier this year, and "both pedals have been a huge success," says Mitchell and continues. "The boutique pedal market is coming alive, and we are thrilled to be expanding our boutique assortment including adding more TC Electronic TonePrint pedals to our line," says Mitchell.

Focusing on Reverb, Chorus, Delay and Vibrato, the TonePrints were specifically designed by Barry Mitchell to cater to the core of guitarists' needs: Super high-quality bread-and-butter sounds with a touch of class that work in any situation and serve as a great springboard for designing sounds of their own. The Reverb pedal provides a classic TC Electronic quality reverberation, while the Chorus pedal gives the beautiful shimmer that made the TC Electronic stereo/chorus/flanger (SCF) pedal sounds famous. The Delay pedal sets guitarists square in the land of musical repeats, while the Vibrato was specifically designed to add a subtle yet pronounced vibrato effect to guitar sounds.

"We are always looking to advance our hugely successful TonePrint project." says TC Electronic Business Manager for guitar, Tore Mogensen. "And when we met with Guitar Center at the Frankfurt MusikMesse it immediately was clear to me that Barry could help us out doing just that. Not only is he an awesome musician in his own right, with several years of experience as a pro-guitarist and having worked at different guitar effects companies. He also lives and breathes tone and great sounds. Barry is very much focused on boutique pedals and the sounds they produce and in that respect he is also a great fit with TC Electronic. When we met, all the pieces just fell into place and I am super stoked about the sounds we got out of this collaboration."

Barry Mitchell from Guitar Center continues: "It was amazing to visit Denmark and design TonePrints with Tore at TC Electronic. There are so many adjustable parameters in each of these incredible pedals. I had a blast playing and tweaking tones to meticulously design sounds that would be super-useful to guitarists everywhere. The effects we chose to do TonePrints for form the basis of a great tonal palette and are the best possible starting point guitarists could have to express their creativity and vision."

TC Electronic and Guitar Center goes 'Boutique' with Guitar Center's Boutique Pedal Expansion Project.

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