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Soul in the pocket - Bass TonePrints from TC Electronic

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If you play bass, you probably know how difficult getting a nice effect can be. You don't want things to overpower in every situation and you need sounds that apply to what you're doing - and let's face it, that can be rough.

What if we told you can download a complete package of bass effects that have real soul, focus on quality and apply to a wide range of bass challenges? Sound good? We'll do you one better: it's totally free of charge!

What's in the Package?
A wide range of high quality TonePrints that enable bassists to rise to any occasion. Rihanna MD Eric Smith contributes with a cool Vibrato TonePrint called Wet Wipe, a fast vibrato with a nasty LFO waveform that adds tons of grit and English Tickler, a flange TonePrint with a cool and bubbly sound, this effect 'cuts' at the start of notes and comes out of the flange sweep towards the top of your sound, which gives a really nice blooming effect.

Andrew Levy, bass legend for the brand new heavies, contributes his Staircase Flange TonePrint, a winding flange with a great balance between speed and depth and his Basement Bash delay TonePrint, a nice tape delay that helps notes 'pop'.

Session legend and Chaka Khan bassist Melvin Lee Davis shares his Clean Flange TonePrint, which is a powerful and clear tape flange, as well as the Melvin Lee Davis Chorus TonePrint, an effect that really supports and enhances what you're playing.

And finally, Jay Leno's trusted bass player through the years and session giant Derrick Lee Murdock adds three signature TonePrints: Glass1, a super-tight delay where the repeats seem to almost overlap, His Royal Phatness, a modulated and beefy vibrato TonePrint and finally Mizone, a pronounced and modulated flange which quickly became his favorite sound.

You can download Soul in the Pocket right here or use our free TonePrint App for iOS and Android to beam sounds directly to your pedal or amp! (go ahead, all the cool kids are doing it).


TonePrint Pack - highlights

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TonePrint® Enabled – Signature Bass Effects

Bass-TonePrints sind kostenlose, "maßgeschneiderte" Effekte, die von einigen der besten Bassisten der Welt entwickelt wurden. Mit TonePrints erleben Sie einen Effekt so, wie er von einem ganz bestimmten Künstler "individualisiert" wurde. Ihr TC-Effekt verwandelt sich vor Ihren Ohren in Varianten, die von einigen der besten Bassisten der Welt entwickelt (und verwendet) werden.

Aber da wir nun schon mal im 21. Jahrhundert sind, haben wir eine TonePrint App entwickelt, mit der Sie TonePrints von Ihrem Smartphone direkt in Ihr TonePrint-fähiges Effektpedal oder Ihren TonePrint-fähigen Amp "beamen" können. Das ist leicht, es geht schnell - und die TonePrints sind völlig kostenlos! 

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