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Last year, we launched free TonePrints made by the best of th best in shred guitar. It turned out to be our most popular TonePrint campaign ever!

Since then, the amount of people using TonePrints has grown with crazy amounts, we we wanted to bring this popular campaign back, so everyone can enjoy it!

This is your chance to get reaqquinted with some great sounds for shred guitar or try them out for the first time!

These free TonePrints represent the shred powerhouses in our TonePrint program for a package of TonePrints that has a need for speed! Guitarists that walk the fine line between great melody and "how the #"%& did he play THAT?!" are gathered in this collection of the finest sounds out there.

Download the TonePrints of Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, Steve Morse, John 5 and Doug Aldrich in one fell swoop and get ready to unleash your sweep-picking fury, fret-burning flurries of notes and fretboard acrobatics.

Leading the pack is John 5, a brand new addition to our roster. Bursting onto the scene with Marilyn Manson, solidifying himself as a solo artist and rocking hard with Rob Zombie, John has the skill and the tones to deliver some cool TonePrints. He contributes with 2 great Chorus tones: a nice and pristine clean chorus and a totally creepy, eerie warble.

Hot on his heels is Paul Gilbert - guitarist extraordinaire whose career has spanned everything from 'Scarified' to Mr. Big and back. Paul brings the sweet lush tones of his Triple Caramel Apple chorus TonePrint and the rich spacyness of his Otis Fieldsgood Reverb TonePrint.

Following is Steve Morse, the technical wiz with excellent feel for 'the right note' and mastery of a range of sounds and styles. Steve has played in many bands but is perhaps best known to a wide audience as the guitarist in Deep Purple, a position he's held since since 1994. Steve brings his own unique Delay TonePrint, that perfectly replicates the sound Steve uses live and in the studio. Also included in this package is Steve's Reverb TonePrint that's aimed at big open sounds and a Spring Reverb TonePrint.

Next up is John Petrucci who may not need an introduction but certainly deserves one - a founding member of Dream Theater and one of the most disciplined shredders out there, John brings five TonePrints to the table: A really nice clean Vibrato, a crunch Vibrato, a clean Chorus and a crunch Chorus and a very cool Flanger TonePrint.

Doug Aldrich, the man who grew to fame as a solo artist, as part of Lion and playing with Ronnie James Dio, currently rocks through his wall of Marshalls with WhiteSnake, gives us a great sounding Delay TonePrint and a fast Vibrato TonePrint.

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TonePrint® Enabled – Signature Effects

TonePrints sind kostenlos verfügbare Konfigurationen unserer besten Pedale - "maßgeschneidert" von Ihren Lieblingsgitarristen! Sie sind die ganz individuelle DNA großartiger Rocksounds. Mit TonePrints erleben Sie ein Effektpedal so, wie es von einem ganz bestimmten Künstler "individualisiert" wurde. Ihr TC-Effekt verwandelt sich vor Ihren Ohren in die von einem Topgitarristen Ihrer Wahl entwickelte, ganz spezielle Konfiguration, die Sie sofort verwenden können. 

Aber da wir nun schon mal im 21. Jahrhundert sind, haben wir eine TonePrint App entwickelt, mit der Sie TonePrints von Ihrem Smartphone direkt in Ihr TonePrint-Pedal "beamen" können. Das ist leicht, es geht schnell - und die TonePrints sind völlig kostenlos! 

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