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Not unlike countless rock bands, ProGuitarShop’s humble beginning started from a garage in Portland Oregon. Emerging in 2004 as an eBay store selling used amps and guitars, as well as parts and accessories, ProGuitarShop.com formally was born in 2007 launching their website dedicated to boutique guitar effects.

Toward the end of 2007 PGS pioneered a new video marketing platform that is widely used today. One at a time, a library of product demonstration videos commenced and has since grown into the world’s largest video demo library. These videos also introduced the viral, cult-like following of Andy, PGS’s primary video personality and effects aficionado. His demonstrations have shown people around the world what these boutique items can do, while simultaneously putting a new spin on Internet marketing.

Not only has their video marketing taken PGS to new heights as a global retailer of boutique instruments and effects, but the viral nature of their social media marketing has opened an entirely new demographic of players around the world and brought the once small boutique market to the forefront of today’s electric guitar retail industry.

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